5 reasons a magnetic phone mount is safe for your smartphone

Purchasing a new car mount, you want to know everything about it, especially if it is the type of a car mount that has appeared not so long ago. Forums are loaded with threads asking whether magnetic car mounts would damage their phones indicating the rising popularity of these type of mounts and concerns that they evoke. The time has come to finally dispel all the doubts as to this subject.
One of the most frequent questions is whether a magnetic car mount would wipe a phone.
No, it will not for one simple reason. Internal components of a phone are made out of non-magnetic materials, therefore a magnet cannot disturb their work.
But what about the memory, you'd ask? Well, phones do not have HDDs (Hard disk drives) which use magnetic field to store information. On the contrary, phones hold storage chips, which are a type of flash memory, and which are not affected by magnets.
There are mentions on forums that iPods can be affected by a magnet. But that concerns only iPod Classic, which use Hard Disk Drives.Other mobile devices use flash memory and should not be worried about.

Remember those old big screens that would hum when working? They formed an image by deflecting a finely focus beam of electrons with magnetic fields. Thus, an external magnetic field interfered with the magnetic field, which was necessary to create an image. Today's phone screens use electricity to form and image and respond to interaction. Therefore a magnet does not pose any danger to smartphone's screen.

GPS and Compass
Another question that often rises concern in regard to magnetic car mounts is whether it upsets GPS work and location accuracy. GPS uses satellites to determine the coordinates, and knows the direction of movement by solving a simple math problem by comparing two sets of coordinates at different time. As A GPS module does not depend on magnetic fields, its works cannot be disturbed with an external magnetic force.
The story with a mobile compass is a little bit different. It uses sensors to determine magnetic field of earth, and proximity of another magnet nearby forces the sensors to react to it. The good news is, that hardly any application, and especially not navigation programs, need data from these sensors to work. So unless you drive with a compass on, you will not notice a thing.

Phones usually have Lithium-ion batteries. Charging and discharging is a result of a chemical reaction, while materials used for the body are non-magnetic. As a result a battery in a phone remains unaffected. Some users complain that a magnet is a car mount results the battery to discharge faster. The reason is hidden in the usage of the phone while on the mount as most users turn on navigation in car. GPS requires a lot of energy and thus quickly drains the battery.

Phone speakers use magnets to work, right? Well, according to tests, such small mount as in a car mount is just not strong enough to interfere with their work. So don't be afraid.
Cases with magnets
Finally it should be mentioned that some cases use magnets to turn on and off features on a phone, for example a screen on Samsung or iPad. The magnet in a car mount will not affect such functionality.

I hope that after reading this article you feel more assured about using a magnetic car mount and will be free of any doubts purchasing one.
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