Driver's essentials

Car is like the second home for many. Driving everyday to work and back home takes up to three hours, while designated drivers spend all day behind the wheel. Having the following five items might sound obvious, but is absolutely necessary for daily comfort.
Car key
No matter how obvious it might sound, checking the car key in your pocket before stepping out of the front door will save you from a lot of troubles. Drivers often forget a key lying somewhere on the shelf in the bedroom and have to make a 10-minute walk to finally set off. Placing a key close to the doorway can be a good idea, as you will remember to pick it up when leaving, until finally getting in habit of always checking its presence in the pocket.
Sunny Mexico or snowy Canada, it is in your interest to wear sunglasses while steering. Sun glares can be extremely distracting and even blind a driver causing an accident. Guidelines for choosing the correct sunnies are simple and any in-store consultant will assist you with this matter. Consider getting yourself gradient lenses because they improve vision by equaling the brightness of objects inside and outside the car. Just make sure not to leave your glasses in the car when hot, as there is a risk that the heat will cause cracking of lenses or frame deformed.
An average American spends around 5 hours using a smartphone. This statistic is unsurprising if you consider your phone interaction while driving. 70% of drivers use a phone when driving, and while many text, for the majority their phone is an irreplaceable navigation or music tool. Be a mindful driver, use your phone responsibly and don't lose your way.
Phone charger
Music streaming and navigation are extremely energy consuming. It's best to play it safe and always keep a phone charger in the car. A good option will be one with multiple USB ports each providing 2.1 AMPs, which will allow simultaneous charging of both a phone and a tablet. It is not recommended to save on a USB cable. A medium priced one will serve you longer without failing.
Magnetic phone mount
You use your phone behind the wheel even if it is prohibited, admit it. So it's best to ensure that your usage is as safe to the highest extend. Using a magnetic phone mount is both comfortable and makes it a little bit more safe. Your phone is constantly in your field of view and easy to reach out, while mounting process is fast and simple making it less distracting.

Follow this simple checklist to make your car a much more cozy place.
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