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QLYX smart mount

Smart mount for both iOS and Android phones with built-in BLE module and companion app.
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Items included:
_ QLYX smart mount
_ Five colorful Q-plates
_ Air vent clip
_ Adhesive pad
Handling time: up to 4 business days
_ It is a first car wearable and a first smart mount both for iOS and Android phones.
_ Smart mount reliably holds phone and assists you in everyday life. QLYX can be installed either on the air-vent with a clip or on any flat surface using an adhesive pad.
_ QLYX has built-in Bluetooth Low Energy module to connect to the phone. On the phone, QLYX holder interacts with QLYX application (it is available for iOS and Android).
_ In a nutshell, QLYX is a first phone mount that: Auto-launches desired application; Collects driving statistics; Automatically drops parking pin; Automatically offers you to get directions to home/office, depending on time of a day; Saves history of road trips (sessions); Shows weather forecast and traffic situation around; Sends useful push-notifications.
_ The combination of smart mount for car and application is designed to auto-launch desired app the moment you place and unlock your phone on the QLYX. QLYX app seamlessly runs in the background to interact with a holder, collect driving data and save parking pins.
_ Currently the mount auto-launches Waze, Spotify, Uber, Apple Maps, Google Maps, Pandora, Apple Music, Google Music, Audible, Amap, Baidu Map, Youtube, Vimeo, Yandex Map, Yandex Navi, Oral-B and we are constantly working on increasing the number of applications and widgets to choose from. QLYX is programmed to auto-launch another app only at the beginning of a session, in order not to spam you with push-notifications.
_ QLYX smart mount passed FCC certification.

QLYX light mount

Same stylish magnetic phone mount for car that can be used everywhere, but doesn't have the BLE module for interacting with a phone.
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Items included:
_ QLYX light mount
_ Five colorful Q-plates
_ Air vent clip
_ Adhesive pad
Handling time: up to 4 business days
_ Stylish magnetic mount reliably holds phone in everyday life.
_ Every QLYX light mount comes with Air vent clip, Adhesive pad and 5 multicolored Q-plates.
_ Q-plates are made from electrical steel which allows us to make them super-thin yet still have excellent magnetic properties. They are painted by electrophoretic coating.
_ Air vent clip is made of reinforced steel with silicone coating. It is designed to grip any air vent and was tested under multiple conditions.
_ Adhesive pad has 3M tape and can be attached to any smooth surface and firmly fixed at any angle.
_ Neodymium magnet (N52 standard) securely holds phone and has zero effect on the touch screen, battery, memory, and speaker.
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