What can the QLYX app do?
Basically, the QLYX app is for 3 things:
1. It auto-launches your desired application, the moment you place your phone on the mount.
2. It collects your driving statistics.
3. It drops a parking pin on the map.

How it works:
1. In the QLYX app you choose an app you would like to auto-launch from the list. Currently, it can be Waze, Spotify, Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Uber.
We are constantly working on increasing the number of applications to choose from.
In the settings, you can set auto-start time (2 sec / 5 sec / 10 sec) or disable this function.
2. QLYX collects the following driving statistics: average speed, distance covered and time spend for today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days.
3. QLYX pins your car on the map, so you always know where you've left it.

The QLYX app has a dashboard with widgets: traffic data, driving statistics, and weather forecast. The number of widgets will also be increased in the coming months.

Also, in time, we are planning to add useful push notifications for drivers.
What are Q-plates?
Q-plates are ultra-thin electrical steel plates with a highly magnetic quality. They have been created to attach to the back of your phone/case with 3M tape.

The shape is not accidental. Our designers carefully choose it after experimenting with various versions to reach the ideal one. We created a soft design for your comfort and aesthetic enjoyment.
We wanted to give you the chance to attach the Q-plate however you wanted. Phones are rectangular, and even if yours is not, the perfected shape of our Q-plate allows you to attach it to the phone any way you like.
Want the tail to point up or down? Or maybe you would like to place it diagonally. In any way, the Q-plate will fit your phone naturally.

But there is much more to the plates than their visual design. They are made from electrical steel which is what allowed us to make them so good.

Q-plates are the thinnest plates among magnetic phone holders, which means you can place them inside any phone case.
Moreover, the material has superior magnetic characteristics, so even a case as thick as 1.5 millimeters will not distort your user experience.

And there is one more feature that not many will appreciate, but those who do, will be overly pleased - only our Q-plates let you use NFC payments.
Is a magnetic mount safe for your smartphone?
QLYX is safe for your phone and here is why:

One of the most frequent questions is whether a magnetic car mount will wipe a phone.
No, it will not, for one simple reason. The internal components of a phone are made out of non-magnetic materials. Therefore, a magnet cannot disturb them working.
But what about the memory, you might ask? Well, phones do not have HDDs (hard disk drives) which use a magnetic field to store information. On the contrary, phones hold storage chips, which are a type of flash memory, and are not affected by magnets.
There are mentions on forums that iPods can be affected by a magnet. But that concerns only the iPod Classic, which does use a hard disk drives. Other mobile devices, however, use flash memory and should not be worried about.

Remember those old big screens that would hum when working? They formed an image by deflecting a finely focused beam of electrons with magnetic fields. Thus, an external magnetic field interfered with the internal magnetic field, which was necessary to create an image. Today's phone screens use electricity to form an image and respond to interaction. Therefore, a magnet does not pose any danger to a smartphone's screen.

GPS and compass
Another question that often rises concern with regard to magnetic car mounts is whether they upset GPS from working, or location accuracy. GPS uses satellites to determine the coordinates, and knows the direction of movement by solving a simple math problem thought comparing two sets of coordinates at a different time. As a GPS module does not depend on magnetic fields, its working cannot be disturbed with an external magnetic force.
The story with a mobile compass is a little bit different. Your phone uses sensors to determine the magnetic field of the earth, and proximity of another magnet nearby forces the sensors to react to it. The good news is, that hardly any application, and especially not navigation programs, need data from these sensors to work. So unless you drive with a compass on, you will not notice a thing.

Phones usually have lithium-ion batteries. Charging and discharging is a result of a chemical reaction, while materials used for the body are non-magnetic. As a result, a battery in a phone remains unaffected. Some users complain that a magnet in a car mount cause the battery to discharge faster. The reason is actualy from the usage of the phone while on the mount, as most users turn on navigation in their car. GPS requires a lot of energy and thus quickly drains the battery.

Phone speakers use magnets to work, right? Well, according to tests, such a small a mount as in a car mount is just not strong enough to interfere with their working. So don't be afraid.

Cases with magnets
Finally, it should be mentioned that some cases use magnets to turn a phone's features on and off - for example, a screen on a Samsung or iPad. The magnet in a car mount will not affect such functionality.

What's the difference between QLYX smart mount and QLYX light?
QLYX smart mount – a holder with a built-in BLE module that communicates with your phone and saves your precious time.

QLYX light – the same stylish magnetic mount that can be used everywhere, but it doesn't have the 'brain' for interacting with a smartphone.
Is a magnet strong enough to hold an iPhone Plus?
Yes, we use neodymium magnets that are very strong.
For smartphones with screens wider than 4.7 inches / heavier than 138 g (4.87 oz), we recommend using two Q-plates for a better magnetic grip.
See an image
Is it possible to remove the plate once it has been attached?
Q-plates come off pretty easily and don't leave any marks or residue ;)
Is it possible to place a Q-plate under the case?
Q-Plates are 0.5 mm thick so they can easily fit between a case and a phone. And there will be no issues holding the phone with any case up to 1.5mm thick. If your phone case is thicker than 1.5mm and you want to place a plate underneath it, feel free to use two Q-plates for better magnetic grip.
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How does QLYX work with devices compatible with wireless charging?
The Q-plate will not interfere with the charging of the device, and will reduce its heating, serving the role of being a heat sink.
The only difference is that with wireless charging phones, you need to place the Q-plate on the bottom part of the smartphone.
It is not recommended to attach the Q-plate in the field of the Qi module's action.
Got a problem with connecting QLYX for the first time?
Here is a checklist for you:

  1. Pull the protective film out of the mount.
  2. Attach the Q-Plate (s).
  3. Turn on Bluetooth.
  4. Make sure your phone is not in 'Do not disturb' mode.
  5. Open QLYX app.
  6. Tap 'Connect' button and mount your phone on the QLYX.
  7. Enjoy ;)

Don't forget about the manual we prepared for all smart mount users: http://qlyx.me/manual

Your Driving Statistics widget shows false data?
Most probably this has been caused by you limiting the access of the QLYX app to your location.
Please follow these steps to make Driving Statistics widget work properly:

1. Go to your phone settings.
2. Find QLYX app in the list.
3. Choose 'Location'.
4. Make sure that you Always Allow location access.

A day after the change of access in the settings, the Driving Statistics widget will start showing true data.

Please note: You have to be logged into the QLYX app in order to analyze your driving data.
QLYX doesn't auto-launch app every time you place a phone on the mount?
Well... it shouldn't :)

QLYX is programmed to auto-launch another app only at the beginning of a session, in order not to spam you with push-notifications.

Thus, if you are already on the road with your phone mounted on the QLYX and you pick up your phone and then place it back on the QLYX – the app would not auto-launch again.

The session is terminated when the mobile device leaves the operation range of the BLE module (5-10m), or when the connection waiting time is expired (5 minutes).

The end of a session is a moment when you receive parking pin notification.

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