Hi, QLYX user!

Thank you for purchasing our product.

We hope that using the QLYX phone mount will bring you joy, save your time, and allow you to be less distracted from the road while driving.

Use menu in top right corner to easily navigate.
DO NOT set up or touch the QLYX app on your phone while driving. Setting up or touching of your phone or any app while driving will cause distraction, which could result in personal injury or death. Perform these actions only while your vehicle is not in operation.
Use of this device while driving may cause distraction, which could result in personal injury or death. Follow all operating instructions. Drivers should exercise caution and devote full attention to operation of their vehicle at all times, including any time QLYX is in use.
Drivers under the age of 25 are more susceptible to distractions while driving, which could result in personal injury or death. These drivers must use extreme caution while operating QLYX.

State and local laws and regulations may limit or prohibit use of QLYX or other technology while driving. Users should consult applicable laws and regulations prior to use of QLYX to ensure full compliance with any restrictions and limitations.
Do not place QLYX mount on the chest of people who use a cardiac stimulator, as the magnet may negatively affect its working.

Do not mount QLYX on the top of the airbags.
QLYX smart mount is supplied with a battery inserted.

The battery contacts are covered with a protective film to prevent the battery from becoming drained prematurely.
Before using the QLYX, simply pull the protective film out of the mount. You do not need to open the battery compartment to do this.

General Instructions
Clean the surface on the back of your phone, ensuring it is free of grease and dust.
Choose 1 of the 5 Q-plates from the kit.
Remove the protective 3M liner from the back of the Q-plate.
Attach the Q-plate to the back of your smartphone.
Leave the Q-plate undisturbed for an hour in order to make it stick better.
Stick Q-plates under the smartphone's protective cover, if you use one.
Easily replace one Q-plate with another by removing the previous plate, gently picking it off with something thin and strong.
To make your smartphone appearance more fresh and stylish, we suggest changing the Q-plates every 2-3 months.
We have taken care of you and included specific recommendations on where to place the stylish Q-plate on your phone:
If you have an iPhone…
If you are a true fan of Apple and have one of the latest iPhone models, you definitely have an NFC-module for making Apple Pay payments.

Attach the Q-plate above or below this module.

Despite the fact that the plates were created not to interfere with the NFC signal, we do not recommend placing the plate over the NFC-module operating zone.
If you have an Android phone…
If you are a free user of the open operating platform Android, you are likely to have an NFC module that can be used for quick and easy connection to other devices and exchange of information with them.

On the latest versions of smartphones, this function is becoming more relevant for making payments.

If you are an NFC user, we recommend that you attach the Q-plate slightly below the location of this module. Usually, NFC is located in the top half of the smartphone.

Despite the fact that the plates were created not to interfere with the NFC signal, we do not recommend placing the plate over the NFC module operating zone.

Also, in the smartphone settings, you can mark your QLYX smart mount as a 'trusted device'. This will help the app to be ready for you, every time you get into the car and attach the smartphone to the holder.

QLYX smart mount already knows what application you usually use and will auto-launch to save you time.
If your phone supports Qi wireless charging…
If your smartphone has a wireless Qi module and you use it actively, then we recommend you place the Q-plate on the bottom of the smartphone.

This is exactly what you need, because the plate will not interfere with charging of the device and reduce its heating, by becoming a heat sink.

It is not recommended to attach the Q-plate in the field of the Qi module's action.
If you have a smart cover on your smartphone...
Some Android smartphones have built-in magnetic zones that are used to interact with smart covers.

In this case, find and identify these zones and attach the Q-plate above or below them to avoid false triggers of this function.

You can always disable the smart cover in your smartphone settings, in order to use the QLYX smart mount at its full capacity.
If you have an iPhone X...
If you have an iPhone X please use the special protective film to attach the Q-plate on it. Because of the specific cover of the back of an iPhone X, Q-plates attach to back of the phone not well.
Remember, if you use a thick phone cover and want to place a Q-plate underneath it, feel free to take any two Q-plates from the 5 bright colors for a better magnetic grip.

We are sure that you will always be pleased to remove the cover to admire how the plates perfectly decorate your phone.

You may also decide to attach the plates on the outside of the cover. In any case, you will feel convenience, safety, and reliability.

We suggest using 2 Q-plates if you have 5.5-inch or larger phone.

If your phone is covered with otterbox case you'll need to place the Q-plates outside the case.
The materials of your smartphone and your new, stylish Q-plate differ in their properties, including hardness and magnetism.

We are happy to guarantee you that by replacing the set of plates once a year (and using all 5 plates during this period), they will always please you with their bright appearance.

We will always offer you up to a 30% discount on a new set on of Q-plates. Just send us an email from an email that is linked to your account in the QLYX app.

Also, we are proud to announce that we have mastered a new process and also offer gold-plated Q-plates (covered with a layer of 7 to 50 microns of real gold) for true lovers of luxury.

To Get Started
Download the QLYX app for free.
Launch QLYX app for the first time.
We recommend you to register so that you can always analyze your driving statistics.
Give the app all required permissions in order to receive maximum usability.
Connect QLYX smart mount with your phone as shown in the video below.
Please note:

Always Allow QLYX app so it can access your location.

This permission is essential for proper operation of the Driving Statistics widget.

Setting Up the QLYX App

Set default app for auto-launch

Specify what you use most often in the car: music or navigation, and save a few minutes on each trip - the smart mount will do everything for you.

Currently the QLYX auto-launches Waze, Spotify, Apple Maps and Google Maps, and we are constantly working on increasing the number of applications and widgets to choose from.

Set auto-launch time

2 seconds - since you're usually in a hurry and have already chosen the route to your destination

5 seconds - to have time to get acquainted with the weather and traffic conditions around you

10 seconds - to view details about your trips today, yesterday, or previosly
With the 3D Touch function, you can always quickly access information in Drive Statistics, navigation points, or find the place where you left your car (through push notifications about parking).

Use down swipe to refresh the widgets on the dashboard.

And remember: tips are always at hand in the settings of the QLYX app .
In order to connect your QLYX smart mount to other phones, you need either to turn off Bluetooth on the phone that was connected to your QLYX last time, or 'forget' QLYX in that phone's Bluetooth settings.
Every QLYX comes with an adhesive pad and air vent clip.
Choose the best mounting option for you.
Using the adhesive pad…
1. Attach the adhesive pad to the QLYX holder.

2. Install the smartphone on the QLYX holder and choose a convenient place on a flat vertical surface.

When choosing a location, we recommend placing the device at a distance that allows you to quickly reach it with a comfortable viewing angle.

3. After choosing a place, clean and dust it thoroughly and allow the surface to dry completely.

4. Remove the protective 3M VHB liner from the the back of the adhesive pad.

5. Press the adhesive pad (without QLYX holder on it) to the cleaned place at the desired angle and hold it for a few minutes.

6. After that, we strongly recommend leaving the adhesive pad for 24 hours for complete drying and maximum grip.

After all the above procedures are completed, you can safely use QLYX light or QLYX smart mount.
Using the air vent clip…
1. Attach the air vent clip to the holder.

2. Install the smartphone on the holder.

3. Choose a convenient place for its location in the air vent.

When choosing a location, we recommend placing the device at a distance that allows you to quickly reach it with a comfortable viewing angle.

4. Mind our warnings while adjusting the airflow.
While using the air vent clip, it is recommended you significantly reduce the flow of air or completely cut it. This recommendation is more relevant in the cold seasons, since the long-term presence of a smartphone under a stream of hot air can cause it to overheat as well as negatively affecting the properties of the silicone 3M adhesive tape of the Q-plate.
We do not recommend prolonged use of the device under direct sunlight or at temperatures above 50°C, as this can cause an overheating of the device and, in the course of time, lead to demagnetization and failure of the QLYX holder.
The QLYX is not waterproof, so avoid getting liquid or spray on it.
Also, it is strongly advised not to operate the device continuously in conditions of constant humidity above 55-60%, as this may cause a short circuit on the electrical board inside the device, and cause failure of the QLYX smart mount.
Note that there is a CR2032 lithium battery inside the device.
We do not recommend attaching the adhesive pad on to plastic surfaces under direct sunlight, as it can negatively affect the properties of silicone 3M adhesive tape.
We can guarantee that Q-plates will reliably hold your phone on the QLYX smart mount and QLYX light mount. However, we cannot guarantee that Q-plates will work properly with other magnetic mounts, as well as that other plates will work properly with the QLYX smart mount and QLYX light mount.
Please note: QLYX doesn't auto-launch app every time you place a phone on the mount?
QLYX is programmed to auto-launch another app only at the beginning of a session, in order not to spam you with push-notifications.
Thus, if you are already on the road with your phone mounted on the QLYX and you pick up your phone and then place it back on the QLYX – the app would not auto-launch again.
The session is terminated when the mobile device leaves the operation range of the BLE module (5-10m), or when the connection waiting time is expired (5 minutes).
The end of a session is a moment when you receive parking pin notification.
How QLYX is easily paired with your smartphone for the first time.

How QLYX auto launches the Waze app without a single touch on Android phone.

How QLYX opens the Spotify app via push notification on iPhone.

How QLYX gets directions home using the 3D Touch function on iPhone.
One battery can power QLYX for up to 2 years of moderate usage (4 hours daily) and up to a year of heavy usage (8 hours daily).
There are two ways to replace the battery.

You will need strong steel knife, new Li-ion 2032 battery, some high-quality glue, and a link to the skeleton view of QLYX:
We will provide battery replacement service for QLYX users, it'll cost about $10.
You may return our product for a full refund for any reason within 15 days of receiving it. It must be returned in the original packaging. If the product is defective or damaged, we will pay for return shipping. Your PayPal will be debited within 7 business days of the return.
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Our mission is to consistently develop useful, practical, and innovative products.
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